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Applied Physical Ther

APTW's goal is to help patients and health-minded individuals reach their ultimate level of functional mobility.

To meet this potentiality, APTW treats the individual from a holistic approach. Rather than focusing on a restricted body part, APTW recognizes that the human body and its intricate internal network is interconnected and works best when viewed as a whole system each interdependent on one another. This means that while attention is given to the area of concern, consideration is also given to areas that may influence, contribute, or compensate as a result of the restriction. APTW's custom and holistic approach to functional mobility and wellness is offered in three interrelated areas: Physical Therapy, Pilates, and Strength/Conditioning.


25 Wilcox Lane, Portland, CT 06480 - phone 860.604.8960 - fax 860.342.0164 APTW.ORG